Saturday, 9 May 2009

Power Plates and weight loss

The Daily Mail who appear to get almost anything to do with science wrong, report that Power Plates can help with weight loss better than aerobics or swimming. The Daily Mail article is here whilst the excellent Obesity Panacea Blog review the evidence on their site.


  1. I started mine today as well,so maybe we could gee each other along.
    Was just looking around various blogs for ideas, when i ran into yours.

    Forty fat and unfit, maybe i might learn from you how to sort myself out.

    Good luck, I'll be seeing you.


    I know we have only just meet,but i would be interested in your take on this machine,i hope i pasted that link in correctly, anyway i have read eveything that they have t say about how great it is, but then they want my money lol.

    I have a rare illness and excerise is important to keep me going, but am nearly 47 so it's getting harder, just thought you might like to reveiw it and give us your take.

    Blog is looking good.

  3. Hi lia, i think if you are mobile enough walking is the most convenient form of exercise for most people. I intend soon to post some evidence that supports this. Most of these machines end up unused in cupboards, whereas walking is generally easily accessible to most.

  4. I do walk, nearly everywhere and if i only knew how to load up photos, I could show you just hoe heathly and fit all 3 grown kids are from years of making them walk *everywhere*, they use to hate me, but they know now why I went on like a mad woman,lol. That and making them eat home cooked good food and little or no sugar, such a bad mum.

    I really wanted to know what your thoughts were on the machne, as i simply must continue to excerise, i won't beat this illness, but i will slow the bugger down and pilates has been recommended by the speacialist alone with swimming,(which I do) but pilates classes are way too expensve.

    You know, that really gets me the price of classes!!!!!

  5. PhD Blogger - You're an academic yet you make judgements based on newspaper articles? Do some proper research!!

    You'll find varying types and brands of machines all purporting to be effective as Vibration Training machines. Then you get to plough thru the evidence. Heck it might even be fun - at least you could then post a reasoned comment and not a load of trifle. Go read the latest study's initial news reports (European Obesity Assn study) It's exciting as it shows that on - controlled, quality machines, Vibration Machines work great for weightloss - and strength gain, fitness and much more. Depends on the machine used so choose wisely! Go to for articles and info